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About Us


F.A.C.T. (Feline Advocates Coming Together) was formed in 2010.  We are an advocacy group that consists of a small group of volunteers who have a passion for helping homeless cats.  We rely solely on donations and grants to make a difference in our community.  100% of donations/grants go to help cats in need.

More About F.A.C.T.

F.A.C.T. has changed our focus based on where there is the most need.  From 2010 through 2021, we helped thousands of cats through our foster/adoption program, spay/neuter program, and education program.


We started as a rescue with a foster/adoption program with much of our focus being on cats who are sick, injured, or scared (and found homes for over 2,000 cats!), then started a spay/neuter/TNR program in 2017 (in an underserved area).  Since we are a very small group of volunteers, though, we had to decide which program to put all our focus on, as there wasn't enough of us to do both programs, sadly.  We saw how much of a difference our spay/neuter program was making (totaling over 900 cats spayed/neutered since 2017).  Now, we see that we need to take another step back to get to the problem at its true source, so we are now focusing our efforts on advocacy and education.


We also have created a new fund to help provide food for feral cats, help individuals who need temporary assistance with providing food and other supplies for their own cats, and, when funds allow, help supplement the cost of spay/neuter for those who need it through the new, low-cost clinic in Hudson Falls.  Read more about this fund here.

Our ultimate goals are to create resources/raise awareness so that cats will no longer have unwanted litters or be abandoned, and will receive care and compassion from the community.