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Meet our Forever Fosters

What is a Forever Foster?

Sometimes the cats we bring into foster care have been through so much that moving them to another home would cause more harm than good.  These are cats who have medical or behavioral issues, who are not necessarily able to be adopted for those reasons.  They receive all the care they need through F.A.C.T. by their wonderful fosters, and their fosters have committed to caring for them for the rest of their lives.

Buca 1_webp.webp

Buca was surrendered to us because her previous owners were moving. We knew something was off because her tongue was always sticking out. As cute as this looked, we brought her to the vet to see what the problem could be. After having all her teeth removed, we learned she had stomatitis in her gums, which caused constant inflammation and discomfort. She started on medication to keep her comfortable, since there is no cure for it. After some time, a growth suddenly appeared on the side of her face. It grew rapidly, and she had surgery immediately to drain and clean up the area. Even after surgery and medications, it started growing back, which the vet determined was an infection, so she went on antibiotics, which, fortunately, cleared it up. She is now on two medications per day and can only eat certain types of canned food. She is doing well now, fortunately, but her foster mom has to be very hypervigilante to make sure she doesn't have another flare up. With how well her foster mom knows her and her issues, and how much Buca loves her foster mom (she even sleeps with her at night!), we felt it would be best to keep her with the person who has been so on top of her care, and not risk stressing Buca with another move, which could potentially lead to another flare up. ​ Sponsor Buca by clicking the Sponsor button! Any amount will help us afford her medications, food, checkups/bloodwork, and anything else she needs!


Balthazar (R.I.P.), Silky, Classy, and Ike lost their home when their person passed away suddenly. They were obviously loved, because they are incredibly sweet! ​ *Balthazar passed away from a stomach tumor on 4/8/23. He is 11 years old and has hyperthyroidism, Silky is around 5 years old and has been dealing with a bladder stone issue, Classy is 13 years old, FIV positive, and needs bloodwork to keep an eye on his kidneys, and Ike is 9 years old, FIV positive, and diabetic. All of these issues are well managed, but they do require extra care, which is why we chose to put them in our Forever Foster program. Sponsor any of these boys by clicking the Sponsor button! Any amount will help us afford their food, checkups/bloodwork, medication, and anything else they need!


Chloe was on a list to be euthanized a few years ago. We don't know what she went through, but we can imagine it was traumatic for her, because despite our fosters' best efforts, this poor girl has continued to be extremely skittish with people a couple of years later. We all decided it was best for her to stay with someone she was familiar with and felt safe with after being in the foster home for awhile, and that moving her would be detrimental to what progress she has made, so she became a forever foster. ​ Sponsor Chloe by clicking the Sponsor button! Any amount will help us afford her food, checkups/bloodwork, medication, and anything else she needs!


Warren came to us in very rough shape. He had a large wound on the top of his head that needed stitches and long-term treatment. He is also FIV positive. He was so scared when he first entered his foster home, so we can only imagine what he has been through. Although he has made some progress with trusting his foster family more and his wound has healed well, he is still somewhat timid and has on and off issues with upper respiratory infections that seem to come out of nowhere. We worry that moving him could negatively affect his progress both behaviorally and medically, so his foster was kind enough to offer her home for him so he wouldn't have to start over. Sponsor Warren by clicking the Sponsor button! Any amount will help us afford his food, checkups/bloodwork, medication, and anything else he needs.


Sydney was on a list to be euthanized at 14 years old. We got her out of that situation and into a foster home. Unfortunately, after whatever she has gone through, she has a hard time trusting people. She has been with us for over a year now, and at 15 years old, has settled into her foster home well. Since she is happy and enjoys the company of other cats and has gotten used to her foster family, we decided to let her live out her golden years where she feels happy and safe. ​ Sponsor Sydney by clicking the Sponsor button! Any amount will help us afford her food, supplies, checkups, and anything else she needs!

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