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FIV Cats

We know there has been some confusion over the years about FIV positive cats. We hope the information below helps ease your mind about adopting an FIV positive cat.


After many years of observation, experts have learned that FIV cats' lives are NOT shortened by FIV in any way.


Regular veterinary care is important to all cats, including those with FIV. FIV is not spread amongst cats who are spayed & neutered. Playing and sharing food/water does not spread FIV. FIV is only spread via a very deep bite wound where there is a saliva to blood transfer. For example, when unneutered male cats fight for territory, when male cats bite females on the back of the neck during mating. or when a female bites the umbilical cord of her newly born kittens.


The American Association of Feline Practitioners no longer recommends housing these cats separately.

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